Technical Videos

CA4K Videos

Basic CA4K Architecture Overview

Configuring Database Partitioning

Configuring Time & Attendance Readers

Configuring Standard Anti-Passback

Configuring Scripts

Configuring Lockdown Areas

Configuring Areas for Multi Area Anti-Passback

Configuring First-Man In CardAccess

Configuring First-Man IN Free Access

Database Utility

Performing a CA3000 to CA4K Data Migration

Configuring Threat Levels

Configuring Category Counters

Configuring Activity Links

Programming a basic CA4K system using the Web Client

Programming a Basic CA4K System

CardAccess 3000 Videos

Troubleshooting Prerequisites

The steps in the following videos should be performed prior to troubleshooting. Performing these steps in the order they are listed can resolve many issues that include "Software not starting", "Administrator Password Required Message", "Maximum Users Have Been Reached Message" and many other errors.

Note: Many issues are caused by a lack of Windows Permissions. Please take extreme measures to verify you have Full Administrator permissions without any restrictions.

CardAccess 3000 Software License / Security Keys

The CardAccess 3000 software requires a valid Software License or Security Key to function. Software licenses and security keys are version specific. Always view the "CardAccess Client License Manager" to check the status of the Software License/Security key.

Lantronix XPort / UDS-1100



Facility Codes


EPI Builder (Badging3000)

The EPI Badging3000 requires the activation of two licenses (EPI Builder Run-Time and EPI Builder Designer). If you are experiencing issues with activation of these licenses, you must contact Imageware directly at 858-683-7940.

Troubleshooting Badge Errors

Miscellaneous "How To Videos"

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