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Multi-Mag® - cast stainless steel magnetic stripe readers exceed the highest specification ever seen in mag stripe technology.


The cast stainless steel housing of the Multi-Mag card reader provides strength and durability in the harshest environments, and is protected even against serious vandalism.

The electronics of the Multi-Mag reader provide an extremely reliable reading capability combined with industry standard outputs. The read head is designed for extended service, with a head life of over one million card reads. The Multi-Mag reader is supplied with an 8-foot length of shielded cable. A specially designed internal driver extends the distance from the reader to the controller up to 1,000 feet.

Access card readers feature unique finishes for enhanced durability and pleasing aesthetics.

For those applications where style and ruggedness are essential, the Multi-Mag mag stripe reader exceeds the highest specifications, combined with security and quality. The all-stainless-steel-casting has been specially coated, ensuring a long-lasting finish for indoor and outdoor applications alike.

  • Cast stainless steel housing
  • All electronics are totally encapsulated in a hard epoxy resin
  • Stainless steel mounting plate with secure hardware
  • 3 decorator finishes: Brushed Stainless Steel, Black Matte, Stainless Steel Matte
  • Other finishes available upon request
  • Tri-color LED indicators: red/amber/green
  • Fits on a narrow mullion door frame
  • 5 volts operation: +/- 1 0%
  • LED Drive: direct 5 volts
  • Outputs: TTL (others available upon request)
  • Cable: 8 feet of shielded cable attached
  • Distance: Maximum 1,000 ft. cable length (specially designed internal driver built-in)
  • Data range: 325 to 12250 bits per second from reader to controller
  • Dimensions: 4.40" L x 1.65" W x 1.41 " H
  • Weather-resistant: O°F to 150°F
  • Card speed: 125 to 380cm per second
  • Track: Track 2 ISO standard, (tracks 1 and 3 available)
  • Oersted: Hi-co (4000) and lo-co (300)
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